We have started selling oilseeds of the 2021 harvest! We invite partners!
Harvest 2021
At present, the seeds of winter camelina and white mustard have been harvested. It is elite seed material. Winter Camelina – drought resistant and productive breed Baron. White mustard – breed Rapsodia, characterized by large seeds, excellent in germination and growth energy. The seeds comply with russian GOST. After cleaning on sorting machine ЗВС-20 seeds are sorted on a photoseparator and do not contain weed impurities. The purity of the seeds is about 96%! We invite you to cooperate with the farms of our regions, so as near and far abroad.
We pack our products in a Вig Вag of 1000 kg and dispatch them to customers both as selected seed material and as commercial raw materials for the production of food, food and cosmetic oils. In the near future, it is planned to harvest oilseed flax, sunflower, oilseed radish, rapeseed and barley.