Sovkhoz im. Tsurupy. Oilseeds production and selling. Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan. Since 1929.
Historically, Sovkhoz im. Tsurypy has been working since 1929, under the leadership of our team of specialists since May 22, 2017. The main direction of our work is cultivation of oilseeds, seed farming. The following products were produced in 2020: 500 tons of flax, more than 300 tons of camelina, 200 tons of oil radish, 100 tons of mustard, 65 tons of hemp and forage crops – 320 tons of barley, 65 tons of vetch. The nearest plans are to organize the processing of our own crop of oilseeds into seed oils and protein meals.

Product supply contracts with the partners are concluded before the start of seeding. But you can also buy flax seeds, sunflower, rape, oil radish, camelina and other oilseeds by wholesale from the warehouses of our state farm at any time. We invite cooperation partners and processing of products, wholesale buyers to cooperate.
Flax seeds
Flax, flax seeds (Línum usitatíssimum; Linum; Lein). In the photo is the product grown in 2020. Primary purification. Used for the production of linseed oil, and also for food use.
White Mustard
White mustard seeds (Sinápis álba; Mustard; Mostrich). In the photo are mustard seeds of 2020. Primary purification. For the food industry: manufacturing of mustard oil, powder, sauces, seasonings. Also used in cooking and medicine.
Camelina seeding (Camēlina satīva). In the photo is the crop of 2020. Camelina is a prospective oilseed. The product is intended for camelina oil production.
Oil radish
Oil radish (Raphanus sativus; Radish; Rettich) is honey-bearing and forage plant, usually used as natural "green" fertilizer. The crop of 2020 is supplied as a seed material, and also for the radish oil production.
Barley grain (Hordéum vulgáre; Barley; Gerstenkorn) is supplied for food and forage purposes including beer brewing and production of pearl-barley and barley groats. The crop of 2020.
Vetch, peas
Vetch peas (Vicia; vetch; Wicke) is produced as a feed crop for fattening cattle and sheep. In the photo-peas of the 2020 crop.
Any culture
We are inviting to cooperate! We will grow almost any culture to your order!
The quality of the products is determined by the conclusion of the testing laboratory. The primary purification of seeds is carried out on the ZAV-20 and Petkus machines. The product is realized both in Russia and for export to enterprises in Germany, Poland, India, China etc. Since 2021, every product, exported outside Russian Federation has been branded with our RusField™ trademark.

The dispatch form is Bigbag of 1 ton, either in bags of 40 kg, or in bulk. Freight delivery is possible both by pick up, or by cargo transport of our enterprise.
Contact us, and we will definitely respond. If your question is urgent, call us!
«Sovkhoz im. Tsurupy». Director Rim Zubairoff. 450501, Russian Federation, Republic of Bashkortostan, District of Ufa, s. Bulgakovo, Kontorskiy per., 3.

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